Co2 PPM Controller

Manufacturer: Innovative T&D
The PPM-B1 Co2 Controller, with an adjustable Co2 set point and deadband, offers precise and accurate control of 120-volt Co2 supplementation devices.
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Utilizing the built in photocell feature this controller limits Co2 production to the light hours to maximize savings and increase yields. 

Featuring three control modes:

  • PPM UP  for Co2 generator use
  • FUZZY LOGIC for superior accuracy, when utilizing a tank and regulator setup
  • PPM DOWN if desired, ETL, CE and FCC approved for safety and dependability
Max Amp 14.5 amps @ 120 VAC / 60Hz
Sensor Cord Lenght 15 ft / 4.5 m
Co2 Control Range (PPM) 400-5000
Co2 Accuracy        (PPM) +/-50
Weight  2.1 Lbs / 1 kg
Dimensions 5.07x4.68x1.95 in /  130x120x50 mm
Indoor use only  


for up to 6500 ft/ 2000 m
Operating Temperature Range 40-105*F / 4-40*C
Maximum Relative Humidity 80%
IP Rating IP20


Co2 PPM Set Point 1000 PPM
Co2 Deadband Set Point   50 PPM

Co2 Calibration Set Point
400 PPM
Co2 Mode PPM UP

Accessories included


Sold separately

24V Power Adapter   


  • Follow the directions for instalation
  • Save instructions
  • Heed all warnings
  • The output voltages of this controllers receptacles are the same as the input voltage
  • Do Not use this controller near a water source.
  • Do Not attempt repair.
  • Stop using product, if any sign of damage on power cable insulation.
  • Do Not block any ventilation openings.
  • This product is a Safety Class I Controller
 Product Details  
 Company name:  Innovative Tool and Design, Inc.
 Part number:  INNO-CO2CTRLR
 UPC:  850031592575
 Color:  Blue and gray
 Package size:  11.41x7.16x6.02 in.
 Package weight:  2.20 Lbs.

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