Magnetic Mounting Bucket

Manufacturer: Innovative T&D
The Magnetic Bucket/basket/Can is a collapsible unite designed with this ring magnet to hold/keep it in place wile machine is in motion. Solid and liquid state supported. Also is 4.5 gallon (17 liter) capacity.
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This bucket with magnetic mount for outdoor lawnmower machinery, to cover but not limit use on Zero turn Machines, riding tractors of all sizes and shapes, this mounting mechanism is designed to stay on the low speed motion operating machinery during trash picking and or collecting/keeping on its interior light weight content, it can be used as a Trash can, trash bucket, trash basket, water or any moderated liquid amount, granulates or solids according to customer/user discretion wile operator of tractor/machine is in working motion. PATENT PENDING.


We are Patenting the concept and the Idea of this particular finish product for this purpose and or others without limitation of use and or activities that this Invention can be used in accordance with user discretion and safety in mind. Our Magnetic mounting bucket/basket/can is designed with this ring magnet to hold/keep it in place wile machine is in motion, we have the right to use this round thick magnet to be placed on areas that will require center clearance like screw head or similar, we also have the right to make the entire bottom of the bucket/basket/can on and with magnetic materials its entire or some areas/surfaces without limitations where to be placed to be used in flat surfaces and or irregular surfaces..


✅ Magnetic hold
✅ Collapsible
✅ Up to 2 sizes
✅ Solid & Liquid supported
✅ 4.5 gal (17 liter) capacity
✅ Motion resistant
✅ Suitable for regular and irregular surfaces


1 Year


Must be during time frame provided, in original packaging plus clean and optimal conditions as it was received.


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MAGIC MAGNETIC BUCKET along with other products we make in our various manufacturing plants are work ready, tested and re-tested until we are convinced of readiness for customer safe and durable usage.

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