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Personal protective equipment (PPE) for the health workforce during COVID-19

01 Oct 2020

Why use PPE?

PPE protects the wearer from infection. Proper use helps keep health workers safe and stops the spread of COVID-19.

Who should use PPE

You do not always have to use PPE when providing treatment or care.

Use PPE if you:

  • care for someone suspected, probable or confirmed COVID-19
  • undertake clinical examination or collect specimens from people who have suspected, probable or confirmed COVID-19
  • have significant contact with people who have fever or acute respiratory symptoms
  • work directly with patients or residents in an area with significant community transmission – community transmission is defined by jurisdictional public health authorities.

Read guidance on using masks or respirators.

Give surgical masks to patients to wear straight away if they:

  • are under quarantine or investigation for COVID-19
  • are suspected, probable or confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • have fever or acute respiratory symptoms.

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